Girls not aware about MHM

Most of the students of Shaheed Zia Mohila College at capital’s Mirpur do not have proper knowledge about menstruation. Only a few of them have an idea of menstrual hygiene management (MHM).

In a recent visit at the college this correspondent talked to some girls about MHM. Most of them told they have a little knowledge about the issue and they haven’t got information about MHM from college or family.

Nurnahar Mim, who passed HSC examination last year from the college said, “I know about menstruation and I am always careful about the matter. But I don’t know about MHM. My family members support me during my period time.”

About toilet facilities of the college, she said toilet of the old structure is not in a good condition there are hygienic toilets but in the new building. Another student Jafrin Ahmed told the Asian Age that she comes to the college during her period time. Even she changes her used sanitary napkin at college toilet. She throws it to the

open basket keeping at toilet by wrapping up. But she thinks it will have more relaxed if college authority gives bin at toilet instead of open basket.

There are one four storied building new building and one tin-shed old structure.Priankya Barua, an honors student of the college said, “Actually, I feel shy to speak about the matter.

Even my mother doesn’t ask me about it. My teachers don’t speak about the MHM. I share the matter with my friends and they suggest me what I have to do during period time.

And I regularly come to the college at that time and I don’t miss the classes. My parents sometimes suggest me not to come to college during my period, but I used to tell them that it is not the matter of worry. It’s natural.”

Principal of the college Nilufar Begum said, “Average absence of the students less than 10 percent. That means, most of my students come to the college during their menstruation. I ensure proper toilet facilities for them as they can use those easily. But I will give more attention to ensure MHM friendly toilets in my college.”

About academic lesson on menstruation, the head of the college said actually the teachers feel shy to discuss the issue. “I think students also feel so. But we have to break the barrier. We should discuss MHM academically.”

Ritu project has been working Since 2016 for the improvement of the menstrual hygiene management situations of girls in Bangladesh with the financial support and guide of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Netherlands based development organization Simavi is leading the project, whereas RedOrange Media and communications is the strategic and communication partner, TNO, a Netherland research & development institute is working as partners. Moreover, BNPS and DORP are implementing the projectas the field implementation partners.


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