Answer: Thank you for your question. Period is a normal and natural thing. It is a good practice that you have the will to go to school on period days too.If period blood leaks then it might be an uncomfortable situation but don’t feel embarrassed. Here are few tips which you can try to avoid such situation:

  • Always keep one or two extra pads or clean cloths in your school bag
  • Discuss about period with your friends and encourage them to carry clean pads or cloths in their school bag so that you all can help each other in need
  • Remember to check your pad frequently during the break time at the school
  • You can also keep a soap in your bag so that you can wash the blood stain gently
  • If things get too uncomfortable to handle then don’t hesitate to inform your class teacher

Most importantly, period happens to all the girls. So even if blood leaks accidentally, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Face every situation with confidence and never lose your courage.